On Friday, 14.12.2018. in Sarajevo a workshop of ” Western Balkans Migration Network” was held, gather researchers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans region. This event was organized with support of the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of the Sarajevo Canton. In addition to the researchers, participants at the workshop were also students from several universities in Sarajevo.

In the light of ongoing long-term cooperation in the region, the Western Balkan Migration Network has organized this workshop with the aim of opening a debate of current migrations topics among the academia and the wider public. Workshop was composed of three sessions: “Diaspora and Returnees on the Labor Market”, “Regional Approach of Migration Research in the Western Balkans” and “Problems, Possibilities and Challenges of Migration in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

The Center for Development Evaluation and Social Research (CREDI) is the coordinating partner of the WB – MIGNET network, which brings together a large number of experts and seven research organizations from the Western Balkans area, dealing with migration research across different disciplines. The purpose of the network is to disseminate the knowledge and development of new research in the area of ​​migration in the Western Balkans, the development of the Migration Observatory, the publication of new scientific papers in the field of migration. You can find more information about our Network here: www.wb-mignet.org.

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